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Agarwood seeds generally mature around July, and the cycle from maturity to natural fall is only about two weeks. When the agarwood seeds fall naturally on the ground, it is not easy to collect, while the immature split agarwood seeds will affect the germination rate. Therefore, it is best to collect the kind of fruit that has just matured and slightly cracked the seeds but has not yet fallen.
Agarwood seeds are short-term seeds, and it is best to plant them on the same day. If it can't be planted immediately, we can put it in the shade in the short term, and then mix the coconut shell powder with the seed twice and mix the seeds and bag. And what should we do in addition to short-term preservation, when we need a long storage time?
1. With Husk Preservation
If the storage time is less than seven days, we can directly pick the fruit, remove the seed, and store it directly in the gauze bag to ensure the freshness of the seed and maintain the germination rate.
2. Add Dry Wood Chips to Save
In principle, similar to the previous coconut shell powder, it maintains the germination rate by absorbing too much water from the seeds and preventing mildew.
3. Wet Sand Preservation
After picking the seeds out of the fruit, cover them with a layer of hands and hold them in a group. This kind of attention should be paid to controlling the humidity of the sand, otherwise the agarwood seeds will germinate during the preservation process. This preservation method can delay the shelf life of agarwood seeds to about one month.
4. Cryopreservation
The reaction of the agarwood seed can be inhibited by low temperature, allowing it to enter a dormant period. Generally, the humidity is between 35% and 54%, and the temperature is about five degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the agarwood seeds can be extended to four and a half months.
Agarwood seeds also need to pay more attention when planting, only in this way can increase the germination rate of agarwood seeds.
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